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Female boss leads meeting

Serving the health needs of your diverse workforce  

testandgo kiosks provide a wide range of diagnostic tests and healthcare products that help keep your diverse workforce safe and healthy. These resources are available through a 100% confidential platform, which removes barriers associated with stigma and promotes a personalized approach to employee health management.  


We work with both large and small employers to create a culture of wellness and preventative care at the workplace. As a result, employees are found to be more productive and satisfied with their working environments.  

Technologically advanced employers adopt testandgo™ to enhance employee loyalty and wellness in the workplace  

Boss leads company meeting

Boosts recruitment and retention 


Serves as a key benefit to attract top talent, as well as a reminder to current employees that their health and wellbeing is valued.

Open floor workplace with working employees

Bolsters productivity  


Helps employees catch infections and illnesses early, thereby reducing absenteeism and the need for extended medical leave. 

Employee meeting with HR

Reduces healthcare costs  


Promotes preventive care and managing health conditions proactively, which in turn can reduce healthcare costs for both employees and the organization.  

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