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Healthcare Providers

A doctor talking with a hospital administrator

Expanding reach and capabilities of healthcare providers  

testandgo kiosks augment the efforts put forth by our nation’s healthcare providers by providing an always-on portal to an array of healthcare solutions. With fast diagnostic test results and immediate access to both preventative care products and harm reduction treatments, this healthcare-enabling platform pushes past limitations set by brick-and-mortar walls and traditional service hours.   


We help health departments engage with both broad and targeted populations, including those in rural and highly populated areas, to increase access to valuable health resources. Our platform can be activated by anyone, regardless of one’s insurance status, age, geographic location, and other social factors. 

Future-oriented health departments rely on testandgo™ to tackle health objectives 

A doctor helping a patient with his prescriptions

Locally driven insights  

Leverages data to address the unique needs of each community, including their social determinants of health, potential hot spots for infectious disease outbreaks, or areas that need further intervention and education. 

A doctor talking with a hospital administrator

In sync with national strategies  

Provides both an immediate and long-term solution that aligns with objectives outlined in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s "National STI Strategic Plan" and "Overdose Prevention Strategy."  

A group of doctors reviewing health data

Data-driven decisions 

Uses patient-reported outcomes for better data collection, enabling advanced target interventions, disease surveillance, and public health management capabilities.   

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