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Extending your reach in communities with AI-technology

The U.S. healthcare industry is experiencing severe staffing shortages for workers at every level. testandgo extends their reach of care by offering low maintenance access points to vital public health resources as well as a warm base solution for future outbreaks.​

We work with state and local public health departments and other hospital systems to provide an easy answer to clinical burnout, staffing shortages, busy waiting rooms, and frustrated patients. testandgo enables healthcare providers to apply their expertise to more complex and individualized aspects of patient care, while yielding the following additional advantages:


  • Extending the reach of local health departments into communities while providing additional links back to treatment services.

  • Giving hospital systems a way to spread care to those who are traditionally hard to reach due to geographic or socioeconomic barriers.

  • Providing early detection and links to health education that improve the lives of patients.


  • Adapting products to help local health departments address the most pressing issues in their areas.

  • Creating additional data points for analysis and deeper understanding of patterns for forecasting trends.

  • Lending support to public health departments with emergency management during outbreaks.

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