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LTS, formally known as Longview International Technology Solutions, is an award-winning enterprise consulting, IT modernization, and healthcare innovations firm located out of

Herndon VA. As a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions for both federal agencies and public organizations, LTS has more than 20 years of experience fusing technology, ingenuity, and human-centered experiences to tackle an array of highly complex public health issues.


As a leading provider of COVID-19 response services across the country, LTS has provided testing and vaccinations for communities that constitute more than 55% of the U.S. population. Throughout the pandemic, LTS Health observed first-hand the critical need to improve our nation’s health equity and increase overall access to public health resources. The team leveraged the latest in automated technology to create the testandgo™ kiosk – a safe, reliable, and contactless experience for medical testing and health product dispensary.

About LTS

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