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Keeping your students, facility, and staff safe and healthy

Fewer adolescents are talking with their providers about preventative care than in years previous. testandgo provides these individuals with an alternative to face-to-face check-ins by offering a personal health testing and dispensary experience that works via the technology they are accustomed to.

We work with decision makers at universities, colleges, and trade schools to help create healthy and sustainable learning, working, and living environments for students, facility, and staff.  testandgo kiosks help to facilitate this by:


  • Providing additional touchpoints for health education and resources that help to keep students, faculty, and staff healthy and safe.

  • Creating a bridge that enhances awareness and brings more people into the school health center.

  • Minimizing the spread of illnesses and infections that would otherwise negatively impact student attendance, retention, and graduation rates.


  • Leveraging technology to provide access to tests and products on evenings, weekends, and during the times when STD testing is traditionally unavailable.

  • Lessening the burden on understaffed school health centers and urgent care centers.

  • Presenting testing and health products to students who lack access to care, have limited means of mobility or transportation, or are concerned about privacy and confidentiality.


If you are interested in getting a testandgo kiosk on your campus, please fill out the below form and someone from our team will contact you shortly.

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