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Higher Education

Higher education adminsitrator handing off diploma on graduation

Empowering students and faculty to take charge of their own health 

testandgo™ enables 24/7 access to diagnostic tests, preventative care products, and harm reduction treatments directly to students, staff, and faculty members. This includes tests for STIs, HIV, Hepatitis C, COVID-19, and Flu A/B, as well as products, such as contraceptives, safer sex kits, fentanyl test strips, and naloxone.  


We help colleges and universities improve the health and safety of their campuses by creating additional, anonymous touchpoints for health services. These new entry points help to address the stigma commonly associated with sensitive health topics by enabling individuals to manage their health without the supervision of a healthcare professional.  

Smart colleges and universities leverage testandgo for comprehensive health support on campus 

Group of diverse college students

Fosters community engagement  

Creates a sense of community focused on wellness and prevention, which in turn can lead to increased engagement and positive perceptions of the institution.  

Teacher helping student in lab

Innovation used for admissions

Highlights robust, technologically advanced capabilities as well as a commitment to the highest healthcare standards. 

Professor asking a question to his lecture hall

Keeping students in classrooms


Minimizes the spread of infections via indoor-outdoor infrastructure and strategic placements that would otherwise negatively impact student attendance and retention rates.  

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