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Public Health Departments

Increasing access for those in socially vulnerable situations  

testandgo™ kiosks offer 24/7 access to a variety of diagnostic tests and healthcare products, enabling individuals to take control of their own health. This extends the reach and capabilities of public health departments by defying the limitations set by their clinics’ availability and location. 


We help alleviate the current pressures placed on our public healthcare system with our on-demand solution. This enables healthcare professionals to be redeployed to tasks that require higher touch care while overcoming issues associated with an aging workforce, clinical burnout, lengthy wait times, and ongoing staffing shortages.  

Doctor helps patient fill out health forms

Progressive public health departments intensify their efforts with testandgo™ 

Lab technician studies fluids

Safe and legitimate practices   

Leverages contactless transactions and strategic placements to minimize exposure and disease spread while using HIPAA-compliant processes and CLIA-certified labs. 

Woman greets active duty service member and his partner

Flexible deployment for changing needs   

Easily deploys to any location, helping public health departments connect with traditionally hard-to-reach demographics, including Veterans, seniors, persons with disabilities, members of tribal nations, and more.  

technican logs health data into laptop

Supports upstream interventions  

Enables early detection and upstream interventions, which prevent unnecessary treatments, reduce hospital readmissions, and lower healthcare costs.

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