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Smiling pharmacist

All in one solution for healthcare needs 

testandgo™ kiosks create a new revenue stream for retailers by providing customers with 24/7 access to an array of health products and diagnostic tests. This helps stores expand and diversify their offerings, thereby improving the overall customer experience.  


We equip retailers with our testandgo™ kiosks to help drive sales, increase foot traffic, and secure repeat visits. By offering new and comprehensive solutions, retailers become a one-stop destination for customers’ healthcare needs.  

Forward-thinking retailers use testandgo™ to build brand loyalty and attract new business 

Woman considering health products at a conveinence store

Additional services without additional staff 


Dispenses high-value items at all hours of the day without requiring more staff to manage outputs or customer expectations.  

Pharmacist helping a woman

Competitive advantage and increased market share  


Differentiates retailers from their competition with a unique value proposition that increases customer loyalty among those seek convenience, accessibility, and integration of healthcare solutions.  

Pharmacist helping a woman pick out health products

Data-driven insights 


Provides insight into consumer buying trends, which influences merchandise decisions and loyalty programs.  

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