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Woman asks question in a public forum

Tackling ongoing public health crises with heart  

testandgo™ helps non-profits achieve their broad-based health equity goals by augmenting the delivery of important diagnostic tests and health resources. Designed to be highly adaptable and easily moved from location to location, this healthcare-enabling platform defies the limitations set by brick-and-mortar buildings by creating additional entry points to high-quality care.  


We help non-profits of all sizes leverage the reach and capabilities of testandgo™ to meet the specific needs of the communities that they serve. This support includes our cost-effective approach to strategic placement, which helps non-profits engage with socially vulnerable populations.   

Determined non-profits look to testandgo™ to help achieve their ambitious health equity goals 

Diverse group of young adults

Shows support in the community 


Showcases a tangible outcome for philanthropic efforts that increases community trust and supports engagement among citizens, partners, and donors.  

Woman helping an older community citizen

Enhanced service delivery 


Creates a private testing and product pick-up experience that addresses the stigma associated with sensitive health issues.  

Discussion over financial data

Data-driven advocacy 


Strengthens advocacy efforts and bolsters policy development at the systemic level by including first-hand data and evidence-based practices

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