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Insurance Providers 

Woman describes insurance options to elderly couple

Expanding the availability of self-diagnostics and harm-reduction treatments  

testandgo™ provides insurance companies with immediate, cost-saving advantages while optimizing for the long-term acuity of care. By making it easier and more accessible for individuals to obtain public health resources and diagnostic tests, this data-driven platform equips payors with the insights they need to form pricing strategies and make overarching coverage decisions.  


We help insurance providers achieve their bottom-line objectives more quickly and efficiently by leveraging the early detection and intervention capabilities of our healthcare-enabling platform. This ensures the proper collection of meaningful data and the accurate assessment of health conditions and risk.  

Modern insurance providers leverage testandgo™ to improve their operations 

Daughter hugging her mother

Perceptive and discerning  


Enables payors to benefit from early intervention that prevents the progression of diseases and leads to lower treatment costs in the long run. 

Professioanl describing results to a couple

Promoting profitability  


Provides data-driven insights that help insurance providers maintain profitability, offer competitive premiums, and reduce overall health costs by avoiding unnecessary treatments and procedures. 

Doctor speaking with a social worker

Facilitating like-minded partnerships  


Fosters relationships with healthcare systems, which can lead to discounted rates, stronger reputations, and improved affordability for policyholders.  

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