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Improving health equity across the nation

One in 10 Americans do not have health insurance, making it more difficult for them to receive primary and preventative care. testandgo helps to overcome these health inequalities by not requiring doctor visits or insurance to obtain health tests and products.


We work with federal, state, and local governments to create new entry points to high quality care. Designed to overcome several social determinants of health, testandgo helps tackle some of our nation’s most ambitious public health objectives, including: 


  • Increasing the proportion of adults who get recommended evidence-based preventative care – AHS 08.

  • Increasing the number of community organizations that provide prevention services – ECBP-D07.

  • Reducing the proportion of people who can’t get medical care when they need it – AHS-04.

  • Increasing the proportion of doctors who exchange and use outside electronic health information – HC/HIT-D08.

  • Increasing the proportion of adults who use IT to track healthcare data or communicate with providers – HC/HIT-07.

  • Increasing laboratory diagnostic testing capacity, surveillance, and reporting globally – GH-DO3.

  • Reducing the rate of opioid-related emergency department visits – SU-DO4.

  • Reducing drug overdose deaths – SU-03.

  • Reducing emergency department visits related to nonmedical use of prescription opioids- MSP-02.

  • Reducing overdose deaths involving opioids – IVP-20.

  • Reducing overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids other than methadone – IVP-22.

  • Reducing overdose deaths involving methadone – IVP-24.

  • Increasing knowledge of HIV status – HIV-02.

  • Increasing the proportion of sexually active female adolescents and young women who get screened for chlamydia – STI-01.

  • Reducing the rate of hospital admissions for urinary tract infections among older adults [AG1] – 0A-07.

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If you are interested in getting a testandgo kiosk in your community, please fill out the below form and someone from our team will contact you shortly.

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