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Federal, state, and local governments

Two government officials discussing an important matter

Improving health equity across the nation

testandgo kiosks provide citizens with direct access to a wide range of diagnostic tests and public health resources. This healthcare-enabling platform helps communities overcome health inequalities by being easily deployed to virtually any location, including rural and highly populated areas. testandgo does not require insurance, a doctor visit, or identification to use. With 24/7 access, important health tests, preventative care products, and harm reduction treatments are always available.  


We work with federal, state, and local governments, including public health entities, to create new entry points to high-quality care. Designed to overcome several social determinants of health, testandgo kiosks support health equity by helping government agencies tackle some of their most ambitious public health objectives.  

Forward-leaning government entities use testandgo™ to meet their health goals  

A woman and a man at a conference learning about health

Agile capabilities

Adapts to discreetly dispense diagnostic tests and health products that address pressing national, regional, and local concerns, including climbing STD rates and the opioid epidemic.  

A woman leading a group conversation about health topics

Aligned with national objectives  

Achieves more than 15 of the federal government’s “Healthy People 2030” objectives, while providing a tangible outcome for budget allocations set aside for expanding health services to underserved communities.  

A man with a laptop leading a conversation among doctors

Data-centric and future-focused 

Helps with disease surveillance and outbreak management, enabling government agencies to respond more swiftly to public health emergencies.

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