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Where Care Meets Convenience

Health tests and products are available to you day or night at our testandgo™ kiosk. Visit one of our locations and get care when you want it.

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Fast Results

Always available

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Skip the waiting room

testandgo™ offers direct access to health tests and products, typically without the need to see a doctor. Say goodbye to office visits and waiting rooms! Our kiosk and products empower you to manage your health without the wait.

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Building Healthy Communities

LTS has partnered with public health providers to offer health tests and products to meet local community needs. For many locations, this means that our health tests and harm reduction products are available to you at no cost.   

When Time is of the Essence

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On-the-Spot Health Testing

Letting you test anytime, anywhere

Empowering Your Health

A variety of health solutions at your fingertips 

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Fast and Secure

Results that are delivered swiftly, securely and privately 

We are commited to Your Health & Your Privacy  

Healthcare products at the push of button

Available 24/7  

Easy Drop-offs 

Certified Lab Partners  

Fast Digital Results  

HIPPA Compliant and Secure Data  

Transform healthcare delivery in your community

testandgo™ kiosks are a highly integrated, one-stop-destination for comprehensive, whole health solutions. Our knowledgeable team is ready to guide you through the benefits and implementation process. Connect and partner with us!

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