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testandgo™ is the world’s first fully automated healthcare kiosk dedicated to providing direct and discrete access to a full range of health resources, including medical tests, harm reduction treatments, and preventative care products.  

Anywhere, healthcare

Confidential diagnostic tests and personal healthcare products are now available 24/7 at a testandgo™ kiosk near you. Take control of your health today!

One-stop destination for comprehensive medical tests and valuable health products

Man wearing glasses sits on a sofa looking at a smartphone

Always Accesible

Available in easy-to-reach locations throughout the community to enable access to care for everyone, regardless of age or insurance status.

hands on a computer keyboard overlayed with privacy and data iconography

Safe & Secure

Facilitates a secure and discrete way for you to obtain test results and products with advanced data security used to safeguard personal information.

Smiling woman looks at phone and smiles

Fast & Convenient

Provides immediate access to health products and delivers test results approximately faster than at-home delivery kits.

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