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Immediate access to public health resources –
Preparatory support for potential health crises

testandgo™ healthcare kiosks use the latest AI-enabled technology to provide Americans with a convenient and accessible solution for receiving medical tests, preventative care products, and harm-reduction treatments such as fentanyl test strips and naloxone.

Conveniently located and available 24-hours a day, these smart kiosks equip communities with an immediately available option for addressing current health needs as well as a long-term solution for future demands.

Operates 24/7 in rural, underserved, and highly populated areas to increase health equity and improve access to care across U.S. communities.  

Accessible and Inclusive

Automated and Integrated

Maintains end-to-end capabilities with data that integrates seamlessly into federal, state, and local public health systems.  


Decentralized and Sustainable

Uses a small footprint and minimal need for infrastructure to be easily deployed – and redeployed – in virtually any location to maintain the wellbeing of all populations during times of low and high demand. 


testandgo kiosks for public health departments
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testandgo kiosks for commercial businesses
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testandgo kiosks for higher education
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testandgo kiosks for state and local governments
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testandgo kiosks for correctional facilities
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Current and Future Capabilities

testandgo™ kiosks are designed to be incredibly agile and capable of adapting to meet both immediate public health needs and future potential threats.


Their flexibility, small footprint, and ability to operate in virtually any location make them the ultimate solution for increasing access to care across the nation.


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