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Asian boy self collecting nose swab for corona virus sample.Covid-19 laboratory test.Antig


Get tested on your own terms. New self-service kiosks provide discrete, contact-free COVID-19 tests 24 hours a day.



Get quick reliable results to help manage COVID-19 testing needs.

Highest Accuracy

testandgo leverages the latest technology to provide the highest quality available for COVID-19 testing.

Travel Certificate

Traveling can be difficult.  Don't let COVID-19 testing be stressful.  Our service is here to help ease travel requirements.

About Us

testandgo kiosks offer an easy and discrete way for individuals to receive Rapid and PCR tests, the most accurate COVID-19 tests on the market. Operating 24 hours a day and in open-air environments, these kiosks also help to reduce the spread of COVID by eliminating the need for waiting rooms or face-to-face interactions with health care practitioners.

Patient woman using a covid-19 self test rapid antigen testing kit at home.jpg

Our Laboratory Partners

testandgo partners with leading labs across the country, leveraging the latest cutting-edge laboratory testing technology.  Together we deliver industry-leading testing services to help communities throughout the United States.

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